Past Articles

In this section of my website please find past interviews and reviews of my work.

Interview For a Student at Staffordshire University


These are the answers I provided a student who is doing a BA at Staffordshire University its nice to be asked to help up and coming artists and I welcome any emails from students starting out. ...more

Artists Interview


This is copy for the interview I did for St John Street Gallery in March 2017 Online article here ...more

Interview With The Earth Pathways Diary


Listen to Ruth Gray, cover artist for the 2017 Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar, being interviewed by Sue Sturt-Bolshaw. Sue asks Ruth about her life as an artist, her inspirations and her hopes for the future. The interview is punctuated by beautiful images of Ruth's work.

To find out more about the Earth Pathways Diary find us at: ...more

Article for Atelier Interactive Acrylics


I knew That Id Be On To a Winner read the online article here ...more

Five questions For Ruth Gray Belper Nailed


Please find the copy below of an article I did for Belper Nailed online article here ...more